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Health Baby Hotline 800-428-2229
Health Breast & Cervical Cancer Hotline 877-969-6636
Health Communicable and Environmental Diseases and Emergency Preparedness - Nashville Area 615-741-7247
Health Communicable and Environmental Diseases and Emergency Preparedness - Toll Free 800-342-1813
Health HIV/AIDS/STD (program and hotline) - Nashville Area 615-741-7500
Health HIV/AIDS/STD (program and hotline) - Toll Free 800-525-2437
Health Home Health Agency Complaint 800-541-7367
Health Office of Health Care Facilities - Nashville Area 615-741-7221
Health Office of Health Care Facilities - Toll Free 800-778-4504
Health Office of Health Related Boards - Nashville Area 615-532-3202
Health Office of Health Related Boards - Toll Free 800-778-4123
Health Patient Care Advocate (program and hotline) - Nashville Area 615-741-5879
Health Patient Care Advocate (program and hotline) - Toll Free 800-722-7901
Health Right to Know HIPAA 877-280-0054
Health Tramatic Brain Injury - Nashville Area 615-741-1230
Health Tramatic Brain Injury - Toll Free 800-882-0611
Health Vital Records Customer Service (Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce Certificates/Records) - Nashville Area 615-741-1763
Health Vital Records Customer Service (Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce Certificates/Records) - Toll Free 855-809-0072
Health Vital Records Order by Credit Card Vitalchek State Authorized Vendor (Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce Certificates/Records) 866-233-0740
Health WIC Hotline 800-342-5942
Health Accounting for Department of Health 615-741-3321
Health Accounts Payable 615-741-2044
Health Aquatic Biology Laboratory 615-262-6327
Health Attorney for Department of Health Office of General Counsel 615-741-1611
Health Audit 615-741-1733
Health Autopsy Reports 423-439-8403
Health Bacteriology Laboratory 615-262-6362
Health Board of Acupuncture 615-532-4384
Health Board of Alcohol & Drug Counselors 615-532-5127
Health Board of Athletic Trainers 615-741-3807
Health Board of Chiropractic Examiners 615-532-5138
Health Board of Communication Disorders and Sciences 615-532-5157
Health Board of Dentistry 615-532-5073
Health Board of Dietician/Nutrition 615-741-3807
Health Board of Dispensing Opticians 615-532-5138
Health Board of Electrology 615-741-3807
Health Board of Hearing Instrument Specialists 615-532-5138
Health Board of Massage Therapy 615-253-2111
Health Board of Med X-Ray Operators 615-532-4384
Health Board of Medical Doctors 615-532-4384
Health Board of Medical Labs 615-532-5128
Health Board of Midwifery 615-532-4384
Health Board of Nurse Aides 615-532-5171
Health Board of Nursing 615-532-5166
Health Board of Nursing Home Admin. 615-741-3807
Health Board of Occupational Therapst 615-741-3807
Health Board of Optometry 615-532-5157
Health Board of Osteopathy 615-532-4384
Health Board of Perfusionists 615-532-4384
Health Board of Pharmacy 615-253-1299
Health Board of Physical Therapy 615-741-3807
Health Board of Physician Assistants 615-532-4384
Health Board of Podiatry 615-532-5088
Health Board of Polysomnography 615-532-4384
Health Board of Professional Counselors, Marital & Family Therapists & Licensed Pastoral Therapists 615-532-5138
Health Board of Pyscholgy 615-532-5127
Health Board of Reflexology 615-741-3807
Health Board of Respiratory Care 615-741-3807
Health Board of Social Workers 615-532-5088
Health Board of Veterinary Licensing 615-532-5090
Health Campground Licensing and Inspections 615-741-7206
Health Chattanooga/Hamilton County Health Department 423-209-8000
Health Child Care Food & Environmental Safety 615-741-7208
Health Commissioner of Health 615-741-3111
Health Commodity Supplemental Foods Program 615-741-7218
Health Community Health Services 615-253-3407
Health Community Health Systems 615-741-0380
Health Contracts Review 615-741-1614
Health County Health Departments - Regional and Local Health 615-253-3407
Health Davidson County Health Dept (Lentz Public Health Center) 615-340-5616
Health Dental and Oral Health Services 615-741-8618
Health Division of Health Licensure and Regulation 615-741-8402
Health Dog Tag Records 615-741-7206
Health East Tennessee Regional Office 865-546-9221
Health Employee Health Clinic 615-741-1709
Health Environmental Bacteriology 615-262-6371
Health Environmental Health 615-741-7206
Health Environmental Laboratory 615-262-6302
Health Epidemiology 615-741-7247
Health Facilities Management 615-741-3151
Health Family Health and Wellness 615-741-7353
Health Financial Management 615-741-3151
Health Fingerprinting (Health Related Boards only) 615-741-4263
Health Fiscal Services 615-741-3321
Health Food Service Inspections and Permits 615-741-7206
Health Health Statistics 615-741-1954
Health Helpdesk Tech Support 615-532-8656
Health Hemophilia Program 615-741-5225
Health Immunoserology 615-262-6374
Health Inorganic Laboratory 615-262-6345
Health J-1 Visa Waivers 615-741-2101
Health Jackson Laboratory 731-426-0686
Health Jackson-Madison County Health Department 731-423-3020
Health Knox County Health Department 423-215-5000
Health Knoxville Laboratory 865-215-5273
Health Laboratory Services 615-262-6300
Health Laboratory Training-Education 615-262-6318
Health Medical Examiner/State Forensic 423-439-8403
Health Medical Records (from closed hospitals) 615-741-4411
Health Memphis Laboratory 901-222-9477
Health Memphis-Shelby County Health Department 901-222-9080
Health Microbiology Laboratory 615-262-6303
Health Mid-Cumberland Regional Office 615-650-7000
Health Minority Health 615-741-9443
Health Newborn Screening 615-262-6352
Health Northeast Tennessee Regional Office 423-979-3200
Health Nursing Home Grant Assistance Program 615-741-3321
Health Nutrition Services 615-741-7312
Health Office of Animal Welfare 615-532-7350
Health Office of Emergency Medical Services 615-741-2584
Health Office of Investigations 615-741-8485
Health Office of Rural Health & Health Access 615-741-0388
Health Organic Laboratory 615-262-6336
Health Pain Clinic Licensing 615-532-4384
Health Parents Encouraging Parents (PEP) 615-741-7353
Health Payroll 615-532-7129
Health Personnel 615-741-6350
Health Physician Recruitment and Retention 615-741-2101
Health Property and Procurement 615-741-1091
Health Public Health Nursing 615-741-0301
Health Public Swimming Pools 615-741-7206
Health Rabies Control (Animals) 615-741-7206
Health Rabies Control (Human) 615-741-7247
Health Rabies Laboratory 615-262-6351
Health Radio Chemistry Laboratory 615-262-6335
Health Restaurant/Hotel/Motel/Bed & Breakfast Permits 615-741-7206
Health South Central Regional Office 931-380-2532
Health Southeast Tennessee Regional Office 423-634-3124
Health State Correctional Facilities Inspections 615-741-7206
Health Sullivan County Health Department 423-279-2777
Health Tattoo Parlor & Body Piercing Inspections 615-741-7206
Health Tuberculosis Control 615-741-7247
Health Upper Cumberland Regional Office 931-528-7531
Health West Tennessee Regional Office 731-423-6600