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Department Service Phone
Correction Accounting 615-253-8097
Correction Accrediation 615-741-7144
Correction Administrative Services 615-253-8095
Correction Adult Institutions 615-253-8172
Correction Adult Probation (Central Office) 615-532-8137
Correction Adult Probation (Field Office) (Blanton Avenue) 615-253-7400
Correction Adult Services for DOC 615-532-8172
Correction Agri-Industries (Tricor) 615-741-5705
Correction Archive Records 615-253-8005
Correction Archived Health Records 615-253-8017
Correction Assistant Commissioner (Administration) 615-253-8095
Correction Assistant Commissioner (Operations) 615-253-8172
Correction Assistant Commissioner of Community Supervision 615-532-8137
Correction Assistant Commissioner of Prisons 615-253-8007
Correction Assistant Commissioner of Prisons 615-253-8007
Correction Assistant Commissioner of Rehabilitative Services 615-253-8128
Correction Attorney for DOC 615-253-8230
Correction Budget 615-253-8099
Correction Central Records (Prison) 615-253-8069
Correction Central Transportation Service (Dispatch) 615-253-8182
Correction CF Bledsoe County Correctional Complex 423-881-3251
Correction CF Bledsoe County Correctional Complex 423-881-3251
Correction CF Charles Bass Correctional complex 615-350-3361
Correction CF Hardeman Corr. Fac 731-254-6000
Correction CF Lois M. DeBerry Special Needs Facility 615-350-2700
Correction CF Mark Luttrell Correctional Center 901-372-2080
Correction CF Morgan County Correctional Complex 423-346-6641
Correction CF N/West Corr Complex Site 1 731-253-5000
Correction CF N/West Correctional Site 2 731-253-5000
Correction CF Northeast Correctional Complex 423-727-7387
Correction CF Northeast Correctional Complex Carter County 423-772-3231
Correction CF Riverbend Maximum Security 615-350-3100
Correction CF South Central Corr. Fac. 931-676-5372
Correction CF Special Needs Facility 615-350-2700
Correction CF Tenn. Correction Academy 931-461-7100
Correction CF Tenn. State Prison-Men (Riverbend Maximum Security Institution) 615-350-3100
Correction CF Tenn. State Prison-Women (Tennessee Prison for Women) 615-741-1255
Correction CF Turney Center 931-729-5161
Correction CF Wayne County Annex 931-676-3345
Correction CF West TN State Penitentiary 731-738-5044
Correction CF Whiteville Correction Center 731-254-9400
Correction Chief Of Staff Office 615-253-8148
Correction Classification Program 615-253-8174
Correction Classification Services 615-253-8181
Correction Commissioner DOC-Derrick D. Schofield 615-253-8200
Correction Communications/Media Relations 615-253-8144
Correction Community Services (Field Services) 615-532-8137
Correction Community Work Crews Services 615-253-8191
Correction Correctional Compliance 615-741-7144
Correction Correctional Enterprises (Tricor) 615-741-5705
Correction County Administration 615-253-8117
Correction County Jail Scott-Johnson City 615-253-8223
Correction County Jails Anderson-Decatur 615-253-8136
Correction County Jails DeKalb-Henry 615-253-8125
Correction County Jails Hickman-McNairy 615-253-8117
Correction County Jails Macon-Rutherford 615-253-8123
Correction County Major Maintenance 615-253-8223
Correction County Miscellaneous 615-253-8111
Correction Data Processing for DOC 615-253-8005
Correction Deputy Commissioner (Chief Financial Officer) 615-253-8141
Correction Education 615-253-8176
Correction Employee Grievance/Discipline 615-253-8026
Correction Escapee Information 615-741-7144
Correction Facilities Management (Vendors) 615-253-8101
Correction Facilities, Planning, & Construction (Engineering) 615-253-8101
Correction Farms Program (Tricor) 615-741-5705
Correction Felon Job Placement 615-253-8128
Correction Felon Job Services 615-253-8128
Correction Fiscal Services 615-253-8095
Correction Food Services 615-253-8156
Correction Health Service (Clinical Services) 615-253-8196
Correction Helpdesk TOMIS 615-253-8222
Correction Industrial Prison and Farm 615-729-5161
Correction Information Officer 615-253-8144
Correction Inmate Central Transportation 615-253-8182
Correction Inmate Classification 615-253-8174
Correction Inmate Community Work Crews 615-253-8191
Correction Inmate Escapee Information 615-741-7144
Correction Inmate Health Services 615-253-8196
Correction Inmate Jail Intake 615-253-8181
Correction Inmate Jobs 615-253-8179
Correction Inmate Location 615-253-8183
Correction Inmate Sentencing Family Info 615-253-8069
Correction Inmate Sentencing-Court Office 615-253-8069
Correction Inmate Telephone Service 800-338-3519
Correction Inmate Trust Fund 615-253-8100
Correction Inmates Phone Services 800-338-3519
Correction Internal Affairs 615-741-7144
Correction Internal Audit 615-741-7144
Correction Interstate Compact-Adults 615-253-8235
Correction Legal Division 615-253-8230
Correction Mail Room for DOC 615-253-8129
Correction Management Support Services 615-253-8005
Correction Mark Luttrell Correctional Center 901-372-2080
Correction Media Information Officer 615-253-8144
Correction Media Relations 615-253-8144
Correction Mental Health Programs 615-253-8163
Correction Middle Tennessee Correctional Complex (Charles Bass Correctional Complex) 615-350-3361
Correction Northwest Correctional Complex 731-253-5000
Correction Pardons and Parole (Blanton Avenue Office) 615-253-7400
Correction Payroll 615-253-8120
Correction Payroll for Post Conv Def 615-741-9329
Correction Payroll for Tricor 615-741-5705
Correction Payroll Post Coviction Defenders Conf 615-741-9329
Correction Payroll, N/E Correctional Center 423-727-7387 x1177
Correction Payroll, S/E State Regional 423-881-6180
Correction Payroll, Charles Bass Corr Comp 615-350-3361 x1313
Correction Payroll, Mark H. Luttrell Correctional Center 901-372-2080 x1808
Correction Payroll, NW Correctional Center 731-253-5000 x1021
Correction Payroll, Prison for Women 615-741-4799
Correction Payroll, Riverbend Max Security 615-350-1097
Correction Payroll, Special Needs Facility 615-350-2718
Correction Payroll, TN Correction Academy 931-461-7677
Correction Payroll, Turney Center 931-729-5161 x2290
Correction Payroll, Wayne County Boot Camp 931-676-3345 x1128
Correction Payroll, West TN #1 (Cold Creek) 731-738-5044 x2227
Correction Payroll, West TN High Security 731-738-5044 x2227
Correction Pen Packs 615-253-8006
Correction Personnel 615-253-8019
Correction Planning and Research 615-253-8153
Correction Post Conviction Defenders 615-741-9385
Correction Probation and Parole Office 615-741-3141
Correction Probation and Parole on 212 Pavilion Blvd 615-262-6161
Correction Probation Field Office (Blanton Avenue) 615-253-7400
Correction Purchasing 423-260-6118
Correction Records Management 615-253-8005
Correction Records-Sentence Management 615-253-8069
Correction Rehabilitative Services ( Felon Jobs) 615-253-8128
Correction Rehabilitative Services (Fellon Job Placement) 615-253-8128
Correction Request Copy Inmate Medical Record 615-253-8017
Correction Riverbend Maximum Security Institution 615-350-3100
Correction Riverbend School 615-350-3100
Correction Service Contracts 615-253-5571
Correction SouthCentral Correctional Facility 931-676-5372
Correction State Industries (Tricor) 615-741-5705
Correction Substance Abuse 615-253-8163
Correction Substance Abuse Programs 615-253-8163
Correction Supply for DOC 615-253-8129
Correction TDC-FIND (TDOC Tip Line) 844-832-3463
Correction Tenn. Correction Academy 931-461-7100
Correction Tennessee Prison for Women 615-741-1255
Correction TOMIS 615-253-8222
Correction TOMIS Help Desk 615-253-8222
Correction TRICOR 615-741-5705
Correction Tri-Cor (Prison Industries) 615-741-5705
Correction Turney Center Industrial Prison and Farm 931-729-5161
Correction Victim Offender Information Caller Emissary 615-741-9794
Correction Victim Services 615-253-8145
Correction Victims Notification 615-253-8184
Correction Volunteer Programs 615-253-8261
Correction Volunteer Services 615-253-8261
Correction Warehouse for DOC 615-253-8109
Correction Wayne County Boot Camp (Wayne County Annex) 931-676-3345
Correction West TN State Penitentiary 731-738-5044